Hand Operated Barrel Pump - Lobe Type High Flow Pump

Air Operated Piston Pumps

Lobe Type Hand Operated Barrel Pump

  • Cast Aluminum Body, Rotary Type, Geared Hand Operated pumps.
  • Positive Displacement by Oval Gear Design.
  • 1" inlet & outlet tube in GI with 2" cast Aluminum bung adapter.
  • Output: 1 Liter per Revolution.
  • Max Head : 10 Meters.
  • Self-priming. Forward and reverse flow, no flow if not pumped.
  • Most suitable for Lubricating, Brake, Machine & Hydraulic Oil, Petrol, Diesel & Furnace Oil from barrels.
  • Drum can be drained completely.
  • Viscosity: Max 2000 CPS.